Tin-Bronze revolution and Harappa (Indus) Script

https://independent.academia.edu/SriniKalyanaraman Links to 727 papers posted on Harappa (Indus) Script decipherment. With the idenification of over 1150 seals with Harappa Script the total Corpora now exceeds 8000 inscriptions — all are metalwork catalogues of Bronze Age, Tin-Bronze revolution, cire perdue (lost-wax) metal casting and alloy metals technological advances. https://www.academia.edu/29952605/Murghabo-Bactrian_hieroglyphs_on_over_1150_seals_are_Harappa_Script_Meluhha_metalwork_catalogues Seafaring Meluhha merchants traded on Maritime Silk Route extending from Hanoi to Haifa. Hanoi signifies the largest tin belt of the globe which was the impetus for the Tin-Bronze (Copper+tin) Ageme27tin1 S. Kalyanaraman, Sarasvati Research Center Nov. 23, 2016


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