National Water Grid for Bharatam

Path-breaking investment project for Bharatam to follow up on demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes: National Water Grid for Bharatam

NaMo, with your move related to Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, a significant portion (say Rs. 7 lakh crores) out of the Rs. 15 lakh crores of these notes in circulation, will be either extinguished or brought into the nation’s financial system. These 7 lakh crores can be used to create a massive employment generation scheme for the next 5 years through setting up National Water Grid assuring 24×7 Himalayan glacier water to every farm and every home. The flood of waters of Brahmaputra alone will double the water flows in all rivers south of Vindhyas and will create a revolution of unprecedented magnitude in the nation with doubling of agricultural production, 3 crops per year with assured irrigation through command areas and ownership of land to 9 crore landless families. Thiis is achieved thanks to the brilliant Perspective Plan drawn up by Min of Water Resources NWDA. SC has blessed the project in 2012 3 judge bench judgement headed by CJI Kapadia. Only you can set in motion the National Water Grid which is the pathway for abhyudayam of Bharata Rashtram and putting Bharat on the road to achieving fair share of world GDP which Bharat had i 1CE as shown by Angus Maddison for an OECD study. See barchart attachedangus

NaMo, see what US President Eisenhower did after 2nd world war when millions of returning soldiers had to be given jobs. He started National Highways project and employed them, increased the wealth of America. With the extinguished kaalaadhan that will come into the Consolidated Fund as nation’s wealth, use that wealth to create an asset, National Water Grid assuring 24×7 water to every farm, every home. This will employ millions of people to create command area of irrigation and make 9 crore families landholders after distribution of newly created 9 crore acres of wet land with 24×7 assured irrigation. Landless families will become landowners, they can cultivate 3 crops per year with 24×7 water and double the nation’s agri production to 400 m tonnes. SC has already blessed in 2012 judgement of 3 judges headed by CJI Kapadia, the interlinking project. Only you have the determination to implement the project in 5 years’ time. Any surplus extinguished kaalaadhan should not be wasted in maintenance expr but used to create investments with employment of youth through MUDRA lending to small scale sector. This is similar to the advice Keynes gave to Churchill and what Roosevelt did with Tennessee Valley Authority in USA. You can do it, NaMo for abhyudayam of Bharata Rashtram and abhyudayam of 125 crore Bharatiyas. Dr. S. Kalyanaraman Former Sr. Exec. Asian Development Bank, Director, Sarasvati Research Centre. 9500045914


Dr. S. Kalyanaraman
Sarasvati Research Centre, National President, Ramasethu Protection Movement. November 22, 2016


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